The 39 Most Haunting Abandoned Places in the World

1. Pripyat, Ukraine


Pripyat is a ghost town in the Kiev Oblast (Chernobyl Raion) in the Ukraine, which was established in 1970 in connection with the construction of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and evicted as a result of the nuclear accident of 1986. At the time of the disaster on 26 April 1986 lived here about 49 360 people, including 15,500 children. Most of the inhabitants were workers and their families.

2. Mirny Diamond Mine – Eastern Siberia, Russia


Mir Mine also called Mirny Mine is a diamond mine to open Russian Mirny located in Sakha Republic in eastern Siberia. The open part of the mine, now disused sky, forming a huge hole 525 meters and 1200 meters in diameter. This is the fourth deepest excavation in the world after those of Oudatchnaïa (also in Russia), Chuquicamata in Chile, Bingham Canyon in the United States.

3. Farmhouse – Seneca Lake, New York

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4. Ryugyong Hotel – Pyongyang, North Korea


The Ryugyong Hot’el is since 1987 under construction hotel project in the North Korean capital Pyongyang, which according to the original design with a height of 330 meters, the tallest hotel in the world and one of the tallest skyscrapers should be. After his life as years of boondoggle, the building should be opened at least after multiple Bauunterbrechungen the summer of 2013 in parts. Ryugyong is a historical name for the city of Pyongyang. Because of its 105 floors, the Ryugyong Hot’el is also called the 105 Building.

5. Willard Asylum – Willard, New York


6. Sanzhi UFO Houses – San Zhi, Taiwan


The UFO Sanzhi houses, also known as the saucer houses or saucer Sanzhi Sanzhi city was a collection of buildings with flying saucer situated in Sanzhi, Community of Taipei, Taiwan.

7. Six Flags Jazzland – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Six Flags New Orleans was an amusement park located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

8. Gulliver’s Travels Park – Kawaguchi, Japan



9. Bannerman Castle – Pollepel Island, New York


Frank Bannerman, a wealthy arms dealer from Scotland, has earned huge profits in 1900 by selling ammunition, including belligerents in the Spanish-American War. To store its products, he bought an island and built a large ammunition depot in a style reminiscent of its origins. The building indeed resembles a large Scottish castle. In 1969, the castle burned. Today, the island and the castle ruins are managed by the New York State Office of Parks.

10. Disney’s Discovery Island – Lake Buena Vista, Florida


Discovery Island was a zoo and a nature reserve open April 8, 1974 in Walt Disney World Resort, located on an island of 4.45 ha of Bay Lake.
The island has closed April 8, 1999 but continued to be managed until 9 July 1999. However, most animals were moved to the homonymous region of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which is also an island in the center of the park.

11. Aniva Rock Lighthouse – Sakhalinskaya Oblast, Russia


The Bell Rock Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse sea world still in operation today after the Cordovan. It is located in the North Sea off Scotland. It was built by Robert Stevenson, in the early nineteenth century, was epic.

12. Canfranc Rail Station, Spain


International Station Canfranc is a border railway station lines Pau Canfranc and Canfranc Jaca, in the territory of the municipality of Canfranc, in the province of Huesca in Aragon.
It is commissioned in 1928.

13. Chateau Miranda – Celles, Belgium


Noisy Castle is a castle in Namur These common Houyet Belgium.

14. Abandoned Coal Plant – France


15. Eilean Donan – Loch Duich, Scotland



Eilean Donan is a small island located in the United Kingdom in Scotland, administered by the Highland Council Area. It is connected to the island of Great Britain by a stone bridge leading to a castle occupying a large part of the island. This building, built and remodeled many times since the early thirteenth century, is left to the state of ruin in 1719 after a battle which heavily damaged. Redeemed by the MacRae clan, it was rebuilt between 1912 and 1932 in preserving the architectural style. Since then, he receives many visitors who see it as the most romantic castle in Scotland. It is also one of the most photographed castles in Scotland and has also been the setting for many films.

16. Hashima Island, Japan

hashima-outside hashima

Hashima, also called Gunkanjima or Gunkanshima, Japan is an island located in Nagasaki Prefecture less than twenty kilometers southwest of the city of the same name.

17. Abandoned Mill – Ontario, Canada


18. City Hall Station – New York City, New York


City Hall or City Hall Loops is an ancient underground metro station in New York which was the southern terminus of the first underground line of the city built by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT) and inaugurated October 27, 1941. It is built in a public space in front of City Hall and was designed as a demonstration area of the new subway.

19. Orpheum Auditorium – New Bedford, Massachusetts


20. Holy Land USA – Waterbury, Connecticut


21. Abandoned Power Plant – Belgium



22. Wreck of the SS America – Fuerteventura, Canary Islands


23. Underwater City – Shicheng, China


The lake was flooded in September 1959 to operate the hydroelectric plant Xin’an. At the foot of the mountain Wu Shi is the city founded in 208 Shi Cheng (“Lion City”) from the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-200 BC). Shi Cheng is now in a depth of 26 to 40 meters.
The ancient city is well preserved, including many houses are still standing, three city gates and most of the city wall.

24. Abandoned Domino Sugar Factory — Brooklyn, New York

The Domino Sugar Factory in Darkness

25. Red Sands Sea Forts – Sealand, United Kingdom


Maunsell Forts were small fortified towers built sea at the estuary of the Thames and the Mersey during the Second World War to protect the United Kingdom of any German invasion. They get their name from their designer Guy Maunsell. The army has abandoned in the late 1950s and they were sometimes used for other activities. Thus, one of them has become a non-independent micronation, as the principality Sealand.

26. Overgrown section of the Great Wall – China


The Great Wall is a historical border fortification, built to protect the Chinese Empire against nomadic horse people from the north. Its construction was in the 7th Century BC started. It extends according to the latest surveys of 21196.18 km and comprises 43 721 individual objects and locations.

27. Michigan Central Station – Detroit, Michigan30.1 5260170376_9aa8659557_b

Michigan Central Station, built in 1913 for the Railroad Michigan Central Railroad, was the passenger station in Detroit, Michigan, United States, from its opening in 1913, following the fire the previous station of the same name, until the last Amtrak train leaves its quays serving the January 6, 1988.

28. Dadipark – Dadizel, Belgium


29. Military Hospital – Beelitz, Germany

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30. Empty Organ Room


31. Abandoned church with chairs still standing


32. Wonderland Amusement Park – Beijing, China



33. Częstochowa Train Depot – Poland


34. An Abandoned Rocket Factory – Russia


35. El Hotel del Salto – Colombia


The Museo Casa Salto is a museum project in San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia. The museum overlooks the Falls on the River Tequendama Bogota. Before its renovation the building was an abandoned hotel known as Salto del Tequendama DHOTEL and was reputedly haunted.

36. Christ of the Abyss – San Fruttuoso, Italy


Christ of the Abyss is an imposing bronze sculpture, located at 17 m depth in the Bay of San Fruttuoso Camogli in Italy.

37. Railroad in the Fall – Lebanon, Missouri


38. Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Built in 1829 in neo-Gothic style by architect John Haviland, she hosted for ten months in 1929, the famous gangster Al Capone, convicted of illegal carrying of arms. During his detention, he arranged his cell luxuriously carpeted and antique furniture.
It is classified a National Historic Landmark since 1966, five years before it closed in 1971. The site is currently open to the public.

39. Tunnel of Love in Kleven, Ukraine

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