The Amazon, South America

The Amazon rainforest is a rainforest located in the Amazon Basin in South America undergoing deforestation. The Amazon basin covers 7.3 million km ² and the forest itself is about 5.5 million km ², located in nine countries, mainly Brazil, followed by Peru but also in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, France, Suriname, Guyana and Bolivia.

Although his reputation as “the lungs of the Earth” is wrong, the Amazon rainforest is one of the most important reservoirs of biodiversity, whether insects, vertebrates and plants in the world and represents more than half of world’s tropical forests. In terms of ecology, it is a primary forest climax stage. Since 1970, nearly 18% of the original forest has disappeared due to deforestation and human activities.

Amazon Rainforest South America_1 Amazon-Rainforest-Brazil amazon-tree-canopy-brazil

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