The Dubai Palm Islands, UAE

Palm Islands is a project of creation ex nihilo of three artificial islands in the Persian Gulf off the coast of the emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which are from west to east: Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira . Each of the islands has a shape reminiscent of the palm. Hoteliers, resorts and resorts are provided on each site. Individual houses are also available for wealthy clients.


The construction is very simple: the sand is dredged the bottom of the Persian Gulf and redeposited in the right places to create the islands. These are entirely sand, only a few stones mainly outside the dikes shaped croissants are made to counter the swell.

The Palm Islands - Dubai's Eigth Wonder of the World3

Plans had to be changed three palm trees, sometimes after the construction in the case of Palm Jumeirah and sometimes on numerous occasions in the case of Palm Deira. Indeed builders, hurry, did not wait for the report of engineers from the Netherlands who had been asked for their experience on land reclaimed from the sea including report indicated that the tide was not sufficient to growing inside to ensure a renewal of water between palms, potentially transforming lagoons haunts mosquitoes invaded by algae. Passes were then fitted at strategic locations in order to allow increasing total water renewal every two weeks through the natural action of the tides.



The Palm Islands - Dubai's Eigth Wonder of the World7




The Palm Islands - Dubai's Eigth Wonder of the World

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