The Most Amazing Buildings in the World

Unusual places to the most amazing buildings, original and eccentric. This new list of places include the most surprising of the world that have made us discover the travelers during their trips MonNuage monuments.

Some of them compete in grandeur, others give color to the cities, but that will most surprise you?

Olympic Stadium in Beijing (China)
Nothing better to start the description of the place that prints travelers: The “Beijing National Stadium (better known as the Bird’s Nest) is one of the most emblematic buildings of the Olympic Games. Its shape reminds us of a large illuminated nest, composed of several bands that overlap with each other, acting as structure and design at the same time, “according to Bethlehem G. Bonorino.”It was built for the Olympic Games and designed by Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the same who designed the Allianz Arena,” adds David, one of the leading experts in Asia travel.
Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)
Even if you do not stay in this amazing hotel you can visit. Three towers connected by a structure shaped boat curious who claims to be the world’s highest platform. There is also the pool at Marina Bay Sands, where you have an amazing view of the entire city. It also offers a nightclub, restaurants and a shopping center.Some say that during the night it looks like a spaceship perched on the three towers.
Hundertwasser House in Vienna (Austria)
What a spectacle of colors! The Hundertwasser house in the street Kegelgasse 34-38 (Vienna) , is a building of 52 apartments designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser . And ” apartments ” means that people live here! It is a combination of waves , gaps , color and even plants . Since its completion in 1985, he became one of the most photographed places in the city .
o-IVN-900Ideal palace horse factor Hauterives ( France )
The Ideal Palace is a work known as marginal art, ie which does not meet the traditional ideas of culture. His story is so beautiful and sad : Ferdinand Chavel , its creator, one day stumbled on a stone and he had the idea for this work. He collected rocks, took a small road and began to work . 33 years to complete , amid criticism from neighbors who thought he was crazy .Picasso loved this palace when he saw him , and over the years it has become a reference .

Guggenheim Museum , Bilbao (Spain)

We could not forget the list ! While the Guggenheim is quite special. The story is known to all, and it also transmits :

“I must admit that I fell in love with the Guggi . When I watched television I thought it was too modern , too unreal , too … always overrated, but now I can only say that c is an architectural marvel that its a great addition to the city of Bilbao “This is how Eve Pm describes his feelings about this work of modern architecture.

o-PABLO-CHARLN-900The crooked house , Sopot (Poland)
Inspired by the cartoon, Krzywy Domek is a building in the city of Sopot (Poland). It is part of a shopping center and it is the most photographed facade of the country since it was built in 2004. Pay particular attention to the roof when the sun is reflected on the tiles , it looks like you are watching the scales of a dragon.
WonderWorks , Orlando ( USA)
Now here’s an upside . The idea was to create something that seems to have fallen from heaven, and they succeeded! The interior of the Wonderworks is a museum with interactive exhibits , simulators hurricanes , earthquakes , laser games, etc. .
Museum of Contemporary Art in NiterĂ³i (Brazil)
The winner Principe de Asturias among others, Oscar Niemeyer , is known for its originality and amazing architecture design . Among these works we note the contemporary art museum – MAC Niteroi . It’s like seeing a flying saucer that has landed in the middle of a natural landscape .o-PATRICIO-BUSTOS-900