The Pinnacles, Australia

The Pinnacles Desert is within the limits of the Nambung National Park , near the town of Cervantes , in Western Australia. The Pinnacles are formations of limestone so rough that has its origins in accumulations of shells of sea mollusks from a previous geological epoch. The shells fell apart and fell to the sands rich in limestone, forming large inland finished moving dunes. The Pinnacles overlook above the dunes , and the rain settles and smoothes the lower parts of the dunes, ensuring the survival of the pinnacles above the sandy surface.


The Pinnacles remained relatively unknown to most Australians until the 1960s , when the area was added to the Nambung National Park. The best season to see The Pinnacles is autumn (August to October), since the temperature is milder and the wildflowers are in bloom. The better you can see it in the early morning or late afternoon because of the play of light and brightness that emphasizes their figures. Most park animals are nocturnal, but emus and kangaroos can be seen during the day, mostly in the evening and early morning.

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