Tiergarten, Berlin

Tiergarten is an area in the Mitte district of Berlin , Germany. Tiergarten is located in the former West Berlin.

So an administrative reform in 2001, Tiergarten its own administrative district that also contained areas Hansaviertel and Moabit.

The Tiergarten is available including Grosser Tiergarten park , which has given its name to the area. The park was originally a forest area and wildlife sanctuary where princes and other nobility went hunting . Today, Grosser Tiergarten a modern urban park that is popular among Berliners . In the park’s west end are the Zoologischer Garten Berlin.

The area Tiergarten played a key role in Albert Speer’s plans for the transformation of Berlin to Welthauptstadt Germania . He was , among other things behind the expansion of Charlotte Burger Chaussee as part of the Ost-West – Achse . During the 2nd World War destroyed large parts of the Tiergarten . Since 1989 , the area has undergone a major transformation and new buildings have been added, among other things , the Nordic embassies in Berlin , inaugurated in October 1999. Other notable buildings in the area are Reichstag , Kanzleramt and Schloss Bellevue. By Tiergarten eastern border is the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz.

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