Timbuktu, Mali

Timbuktu is a commune in Mali, located on the Niger River and capital of the circle of Timbuktu and Timbuktu region.

It is now classified by UNESCO in many ways the world heritage.

Timbuktu from side
Timbuktu is located on top of the Niger River to the point where it is closest to the Sahara. It was linked to the river by channels that are no longer functional today and is served by the port of Kabara, 12 km to the east.

For several years, the city is threatened by the advance of the dunes (silting). Under the leadership of UNESCO, work dune stabilization was undertaken.

Timbuktu air
Timbuktu belongs to the northernmost fringe of the African Sahel and therefore the driest. Annual rainfall averages 160 mm and focus during the four summer when the monsoon months. August is the wettest with a total of 63.5 mm, but the rains are irregular from one year to another. As for temperatures, they experience significant seasonal and diurnal variations. Summer maximum temperatures exceed 40 ° C (T max = 42 ° C in May), while in winter the minimum temperatures fall below 15 ° C (T min = 12.6 ° C in January). Under these conditions it can grow only a meager vegetation and crops is impossible without irrigation.
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