Tinago Falls, Philippines

The Tinago waterfall near Iligan City, is a watchable waterfall on the island of Mindanao in the province of Lanao del Norte in southern Philippines. He is next to the Maria Cristina Falls and the Waterfall Limunsudan one of the main attractions of the city of Iligan City, which also has the nickname of city of majestic waterfalls.

The word Tinago has its origin in the language Filipino and means something like “hidden” because the cases are hidden by a long-drawn Deep. To get to the falls, it is necessary, a 500-step spiral staircase to descend. The water falls from a height of 73 m above cascades into a deep and calm basin, which appears like a blue lagoon and has a depth of more than 16 m. Under the waterfall there is a small cave that you can enter to be impressed there by the roar of the water.

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