Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

1)Iguazu Falls


This magnificent waterfalls is a World Heritage of UNESCO and natural wonder spanning 3 kilometers and spilling 6 million liters of water per second. the highest of them, the Garganta del Diablo, is 90 meters high.

2) The Victoria Falls


Named in honor of the Queen of Scots Anglettere by David Livingstone, these beautiful waterfalls are also listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. They can reach a height of 108 meters and 1,700 meters. Their position allows them to be viewed from a distance of 100 meters.

3) The Niagara Falls


Between Canada and the United States, three waterfalls (“The Iron Horse“, the “Veil of the Bride” and the American Falls “), which form the set of falls are also a valuable source of hydropower. With a high power, they discharge about 3,000 cubic meters of water per second.

4) The waterfalls of Plitvice

 The waterfalls of Plitvice
National Park Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 92 waterfalls rellient them 16 large lakes, surrounded by beautiful vegetation, home to several animal species. The park has landscaped spaces to allow visitors to walk and enjoy this natural wonder.

5. Angel Falls


The height of 979 meters makes this the highest waterfall in the world. Its name comes from the aviator Jimmy Angel who embroiled his plane at the top in its 1937, bottom view is absolutely breathtaking!

6. The Yosemite Falls

yosemite falls

They measure 740 meters high and are divided into three different levels. Its granite domes give it a unqiue ebauté, especially when they are covered by flows fed by glaciers and fonts snows of the Sierra Nevada in the spring.

7. Kaieteur Falls

An aerial view of Kaieteur Falls in southern Guyana

Located in the Kaieteur National Park, Kaieteur Falls is one of the major tourist attraction of Guyana.

8. The Gullfoss Falls


More commonly known as gold drops due to the rainbow sky that appears at the top of it through the glare of the sun pierce his drops, Gullfoss waterfall is composed of two succeeding. 32 meters high and 70 meters wide.

9. The Dettifoss Fall


Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in Europe, spilling 500 cubic meters of water ice fonts in a 44m cliff. It represents the wild and rugged beauty of Iceland. It is surrounded by three other major waterfalls.

10. Sutherland Falls


Named after the death of the explorer Donald Sutherland, this beautiful vertical waterfall 580 meters long stretches 1,904 meters. This is the largest waterfall in the world.