Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve, Western Madagascar

Strict Nature Reserve Tsingy de Bemaraha is a region of western Madagascar listed since 1990 on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. It is located north of the National Park Tsingy Bemaraha .
The reserve covers an area of ​​157,710 hectares1 at an altitude of 150 and 700 m.

Canyons with sharp edges like a razor Tsingy Bemaraha were formed largely under the surface , from narrow and deep cavities. While monsoon rains chiselled the top of a large limestone deposit , groundwater dissolved the rock along a fracture line network . When the roof cavities collapsed and the water was lowered , a maze of canyons with sharp lapiés emerged .
Karst landscape and a highly jagged limestone massif form a ” Tsingy ” or “forest” of limestone needles , unique landscape in the world. Tsingy Madagascar comes from the verb ” mitsingitsingy ” which means “to walk on tip- off” because we can not walk normally barefoot , rocks were too sharp. The reserve is home to other events such as karst gorge Manambolo River (300 to 400 m depth). Reserve Bemaraha also presents a varied landscape with rolling terrain and high peaks where primary forests, lakes and mangrove swamps are home to various species of rare birds and lemurs .url Tsingy-De-Bemaraha-Strict-Nature-Reserve-Madagascar-1050x1680