Valldemossa Village, Mallorca, Spain

Valldemossa is a municipality in the county of Sierra de Tramontana located west of the island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain.

5 km from the city is Miramar. This house was built as a monastery by Ramon Llull in order to install a panel of oriental languages​​. Thereafter, the convent was abandoned. Nicolas Calafat it installed the first printing machine of Mallorca in 1485 and imprinted two years after the contemplation Devota y Meditaciones the Via Sacra-. The last was the residence of the Archduke Louis Salvador instead of Habsburg-Lorraine who bought the monastery in 1872 and currently deputy home Sicilian guy topped vines.

Valldemossa Village, Mallorca  Spain

Valldemossa Village, Mallorca, Spain

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