Varda Viaduct, Turkey

The Giaurdere also called Varda Viaduct Viaduct is a single-track railway bridge in Turkey in the province of Adana.
The bridge is located on the railway line Konya-Adana, which is part of what became known as the Baghdad Railway railway line. Varda Viaduct

It is located between km 307.106 and 307.278 immediately southwest of the railway station in the district Haçıkırı Karaisah. Adana Central Station next major railway station is 63 km away to the south. With a length of only 172 meters, the bridge has an extraordinary height of 98 m. This makes it the highest railway bridge in Turkey. The building is brick as a building stone arch bridge with eleven arches. The three large main openings have a width of 30 m, they are equipped with small savings arches. Both sides consist of four arch bridges with lengths of 10 m or three times on the other side of 12 m each and one 6 m. The bridge stretches from north to south and is located in a curve with radius 1.200 m.

Varda Viaduct2